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All Points Driver Training - 'Education on Wheels'

All Points Driver Training provide professional driver education to both Full and Provisional Licence holders in the Bangor, Belfast, Holywood and Newtownards areas of Northern Ireland.
We use client-centred learning methods to deliver training sessions to Learners, Full Licence holders and those drivers hoping to become Taxi Drivers. We are experienced Approved Driving Instructors and Advanced Driver Trainers and Examiners and a lot of our work is training ordinary drivers to successfully pass an advanced driving test.
All of our training is tailored to your requirements.
We deliver CPD accredited Driver Development Training courses to individuals and businesses.

Call us for a chat on 07803759117 or email for further information

Advanced Driver Training

These courses will take drivers to the next level in their driving, increasing their awareness and reducing the risk to themselves and other road users. Advanced training is essential prior to sitting the Taxi Drivers' Test. click here

Full / Provisional Licence

These courses are designed to help clients develop their skills and experience. Many drivers of all ages have bad habits or never irradiated a niggling issue e.g. negotiating roundabouts correctly or driving on a motorway. click here

CPD Accredited Courses

These courses have been accredited by the Continuing Professional Standards Office, London. They can be used across business, commerce and industry to provide correct guidance and training for drivers. click here

Ken, aged 73 years said... and a further unexpected benefit is that, due to driving techniques, which Carey explained to me, I have noticed a significant reduction in petrol consumption and things are now much less tense when I take my wife out in the car. I am so impressed with what I have learnt in such a short time, that I am considering going further, perhaps to advanced driving standard and I would certainly recommend to more senior drivers, as well as others who may have driving issues, that they commit to several sessions with Carey.